Sandplay for Life

Sandplay room

How Sandplay Works

Creating a Sandscape is simply telling a story by using miniatures placed in a tray of sand. Be your own playwright. Let the story come to you.


Every sand tray you create is unique to you and to the context of your life at the time. The Sandscape is completely yours, and no artistic skill is necessary; the only requirement is an openness to yourself and to the process. The office becomes a magical space, allowing you to connect with yourself in new – yet safe – ways. It starts with emptiness, with unknowing.


There is a wall of miniature people and objects. You take your time looking at them, paying attention to objects which draw you in and passing by those of no interest. Some particular objects will call out to be chosen, and you take those and place them in the sand tray, often without knowing why. Because your unconscious has been given space to breathe, new possibilities arise.


Creating a Sandscape is a start and stop process. It evolves as you pick, place, arrange, rearrange, and maybe even reject and start over. There is no need to perform or “know” in a linear way. It is a contemplative, quiet, meditative time, combining outward attention toward the developing Sandscape with inward attention toward your sense of what you like and how you like objects placed in relation to each other. Regular work together only deepens the process, allowing particular miniatures to take on idiosyncratic meaning and to appear repetitively in your Sandscapes. Your unique Sandscape is a snapshot of your current internal world, providing a polestar to orient you.


Once you feel the sandscape is complete, we collaborate to interpret its meaning for you, and focus on how you can make use of it in your daily life. Some Sandscapes stay forever in your memory, providing comfort and guidance. When we’re done, we take pictures of the whole sand tray and close-ups of the parts so that you will forever have photographs for inspiration and reference.

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