Sandplay for Life

Sandplay room

How Sandplay Works

Building a Sandplay World is simply a non-verbal way of telling a story.

We all played in the sand as children. Our imagination had free rein.

Invite in that glorious, playful freedom — no rules, no right or wrong.

Experience a safe way to let your unconscious wisdom speak to you.

  • First, you select and arrange miniatures in a tray of sand.
  • And then... maybe... you rearrange them.
  • A scene and a story take shape.
  • Partially-formed ideas become tangible.
  • Insights crystallize.
  • Baby tendrils point toward new directions.
  • Our collaborative interpretations provide practical guidance.
  • You take pictures, which are yours forever.

Sandplay provides courage for action.

Sandplay nourishes you for the long haul.


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